About Robert McClellan
Robert McClellan is a talented writer, editor, and new media expert. He combines a lifetime of creative dexterity into a contemporary skill set that seamlessly compliments Jill’s efforts.
An early adopter of Internet communication tools, Robert has a number of professional podcasts and blogs to his credit. He also wrote, produced, and appears in the award-winning documentary films “Real Sobriety” and “Ben’s Vortex.” He is the producer and co-creator of the environmental call to action, the “We Are Water Project.” His first book Boom Baby Boom is available on Amazon.
Robert’s views of the world demand that we give each other room to live free, yet take care of those among us who are unable to do so for themselves. Robert’s unique social perspective was formed on the working class streets of Philadelphia, where sometimes, the most effective charitable act was a good punch in the nose.
As a young man, Robert immersed himself in the vibrant Philly music scene. This led to several great opportunities to work as a concert production manager with some of the most acclaimed musicians of the time. The list of artists includes such well-known acts as U2, Ray Charles, James Brown, Cindy Lauper, Jimmy Cliff, Culture Club, The Four Tops, and dozens more. But, the rock and roll lifestyle, and all its excesses, eventually caught up to him, and Robert decided to hop off the tour bus.
The bus stop happened to be at a Navy Recruiter’s office.
Robert became a U.S. Navy Combat Photographer, including duty with the famed SeaBees. His award winning SeaBee images gained some attention, and he was assigned as a instructor at the U.S. Navy Schools of Photography, at NAS, Pensacola, Florida. He did several special duty assignments in support of Operation Desert Storm. His service awards include the Naval Commendation and Navy Achievement medals. After leaving active duty, and completing nursing school, Robert continued his service to the country in the Army National Guard. He was a Medical Platoon Sergeant with the 1/156th Armor Battalion. An injury ended his service, and today Robert is among the fortunate veterans who receive excellent care through the VA health system.
A series of life and career changes followed, including long haul truck driver, concert promoter, music artist manager, afternoon talk radio host, and travel nurse.
And several attempts at drug and alcohol rehab.
Eventually, Robert found himself sober. And broke.
Living in an old motor home on Navarre Beach, with an Irish Setter and $26 in his pocket, he couldn’t have been happier. He got active in the local recovery community and landed a job as a detox nurse at a prestigious treatment facility. Continuing to grow in sobriety and trying to remain of some service to others, he began working part-time in the medical departments at some of the most notorious prisons in Florida.
Again, growth and life changes came about, and he decided that the Black Hills of South Dakota would be a good place to explore. He became a nurse at the VA medical center in Hot Springs, and also produced music festivals and concerts in Rapid City. After a few Dakota winters, Robert admitted the error of his ways and transferred to a VA hospital in north Florida.
An avid cyclist, and recent convert to recumbent bikes, Robert enjoys riding with Jill on the many rail-trails throughout Florida. If he was king of the world, everyone would be on a bicycle and riding around with huge smiles on their faces.
As Creative Director of Heinerth Productions, Inc., Robert gets to explore his boundaries every day. Whether it is a new documentary film idea or a book project, he embraces the opportunity to create something worthwhile, something that he can be proud of and that will resonate with people across the world. He’s also the customer service and shipping department, and rides his bike 14 miles round trip to the local post office on a regular basis.
He claims he has the best job and the nicest boss in the world!
Through the miracle of modern technology, (Internet dating sites), Robert met Jill. The rest of the story plays out every day as a heart warming romantic comedy, where the planets have aligned and the best is yet to come.

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