Sober Time

October 10, 2016

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Sober Time

One of the things I asked myself, after about a year of sobriety, was how did I ever find the time to drink and get high? In my sobriety, it is all I can manage to work, play, and stay somewhat sane in each 24 hour period. Most days, i wish there were just a few more hours to do just a little bit more…

Some people over on the /r/stopdrinking Reddit were posting about what activities they have added to their lives, since they have stopped using and drinking.

There is a woman who took up wood carving as a form of meditation, and now she has a successful hand crafted wooden jewelry business. A 50 year-old man in California is training to climb Mt. Everest. There is a guy who went back to university and is now close to getting his accreditation as an addictions counselor. And there are a few people who decided to get into distance running and have either completed, or are training for everything from fun runs to the London Marathon. But, my favorite is the girl who just finished her first 100 mile bicycle ride. A year ago, she was in rehab on this same weekend, and her world seemed dark and she was going now where. Now, she’s clean, sober, and healthy, and is planning a long distance bicycle tour of Italy and France.

I’m partial to the cyclist because I found my health and serenity on the saddle of a bicycle, too. After a year or so, sober, I joined a local cycling club and after a few years became a respectable racer. These days, I don’t race anymore, but I try to find time to ride 4 or 5 times a week. I’m not going anywhere fast, but long, slow distance allows me time and space to get my head and heart back in shape. A few years ago, my wife and I cycled over 400 miles across Canada. If you told me when I was drinking that I’d ride across North America on a bicycle, I’d think you were nuts. But – as sober people, in recovery we can accomplish anything. We’ve already climbed the most difficult mountain, and overcome our addictions, after that, any thing life throws at us is minor in comparison.

Time is now your friend. Go, use your time to discover your passion, and pursue it without limitations.

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